Brain Wave Mind Tuner - 8 Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Programs App Reviews

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Helps me daily

I have ADD and this app helps me focus when I'm working. It's the only reason I now have a daily meditation practice

Awesome, but kills wifi

Mind tuner does the trick. I have proven this to my satisfaction, having done a six month comparison of deep sleep NREM3 lengths both with and without the use of binaural entrainment, as judged by a wrist monitor. I don't always sleep longer. But with this app I do sleep deeper and better. It is likewise great for the other variables. If nothing else, the white noise is rich and steady, blocking out distractions hindering concentration. The big issue this app has is that it somehow cuts out the wifi connection when I use my Bluetooth headphones. It is the only app I have which does this, so I am fairly secure it is not a fault in iOS. This really limits how much one can use the app for concentration while reading online. For sleep and such this is obviously not vital, so I do recommend the app. Mind tuner is the best binaural trainer I've tested out there. And as an insomniac I've tested several. But they really ought to fix that wifi bug.

Best if the best

Best app help you to reconstruct your brain in the morning or before you go to sleep I'm using it every night help to fall asleep


This is great for blocking out office noise and concentrating.

Great app!!

Love this app and I'm super skeptical! One thing I love is I am able to play the tones with the music off because I use another gentle rain app. I get the best of both worlds with this app! A must have!!!!!!!

Works well

Been using it for several years. It always helps me relax & fall asleep.


Awesome just not a lot of info on how it works and if I should hear the delta wave. But love it.

This release not loud enough

Great app! Love to listen to the programs while working.

Perfect! App! Now works great!

You fix the bugs! Now its working as always. Perfect! I love it... Thank you! Great job!


It has been over a year since the last update.

No Equal

Banzai Labs provides not only the only binaural entrainment apps that have ever worked for me (although I haven't achieved lucidity yet with the dream induction app...but that's partly my lack of follow through), but in my opinion provides the highest quality, greatest variety of product at the best price you can expect. (Off topic,they also have some very cool visuals apps!) My two requests are to upgrade the travel 'waves app without removing any programs from it, and to start creating isochronic tone apps of equally high quality!

Used to love this app...

But since the last 5.x iOS update, and still with 6.0, it simply crashes on launch every time. Shame too, I was considering get others of their apps, like the zen meditation one. Hopefully there is a simple fix.


Ok app but when I upgraded I can't click off it n go to other apps or lock my phone

Over all good app just one problem

This is really amazing it works and I use it all time to help me fall asleep of wake up. Only one critique Add the addition of listening to music on your personal iPod as ambient noise that would be a wonderful addition. But good job banzi labs keep up the good work!

Cool, but with annoying bug

It's an awesome app, but sometimes the ambience button doesn't work, which can get annoying if you're trying to experiment with the sounds. Other than that, it's awesome.

Great but..

I might be crazy but I hear a real subtle music beat in the background when I use pink noise. For that reason I can't use it as ambiance. Other than that it's a great app and knocks me to sleep.

Neat but doesn't work

Just gives you a headache. All ranges give me the same effect, bored-sleepiness... How am I the first to review this also if it has four stars? Wouldn't anyone else have made some sort of comment?


As a programmer, I use this app to tune out the world around me. It helps me focus on the tasks at hand.

Awesome app!

This app really works! I love it and use it every day.

Powerful new programs and features

This latest release really has some amazing new features.

ill effect

I used the concentration for five minutes and developed a severe headache and nausea. Don't think I have the nerve to try it again. Obviously has a real effect, but maybe not for everyone's use.

Outstanding !

Really well done. However please please fade at the end. The abrupt stop at the end is a jolt! Other than that, all the different choices are really effective. Maybe a few more choices of sounds would be nice. If you are looking for a really well done program to listen to, this is the one for you!! I highly recommend! 5 stars after update for me. Thank you for such a useful tool!! :-) Hey Banzai Labs....... Are you listening to our requests? We need an update please. I just got done with my "morning coffee" so I'm ready to go. Still have the abrupt stop at the end. You have a great app that could be tops on the charts. Please update.

Mixed results

The concentration, deep relaxation, and morning coffe tuners have worked well as promised. Concentration has been an extra boost when I'm overwhelmed by my to-do list. However, I cannot recommend deep sleep, as it only interferes with my regular sleep patterns. Haven't tried the others yet. Also a bummer that you can't run any other apps while using BrainWave Mind Tuner. The tuner just fades to silence. Please fix that bug.

It works!

I tried it last night for the 1st time when couldn't sleep even though feeling tired, and within 5 minutes I felt completely calm and relaxed, without the usual urge to move my legs and twisting and turning. I felt asleep soon after. This morning while I was still in bed (it takes me a while to wake up usually), I tried the "morning coffee" program, eyes closed because still feeling sleepy. Within 10 mins I felt my mind was focused and totally felt ready to go, without side effects of coffee!


I am sooo pleased with this app--the Morning Coffee mode, for us non-coffee drinkers, is truly amazing & the Deep Sleep mode is really powerful stuff..very helpful the night I was hit in a car accident & was sooo jangled!! I also have the developers SHARP MIND, ALTERED STATES & POWER NAP apps--all are extremely helpful!!! My fifth * will be added to each of my reviews..whenever they figure out how to end each mode more smoothly..into a fade out....otherwise...pretty heady stuff--thank you!!

Best money I've spent, ever.

GF likes to drink coffee late at night. I fall asleep instantly upon pillow contact. GF stayes awake... Wakes me up. Not good. It was one of these night that I bought this app and prayed for peace. Girl was out cold in less than 20 minutes. I use it all the time now! Mind tuner = $1 Good night's sleep = priceless Put your headphones on baby... Time for sleep!


This app is soooooo weird but it works! I go to sleep easier and it also helps me wake up better love this app and 100% worth $.99 


Awesome app!

Great deal!

Tons of features for the price and the app works incredibly well.


I have a couple other of these apps and this one is great. And it's a great price for 7 binaural programs.


Well worth the money. This app is wonderful, it really does work!


One night I could not fall asleep Then I saw this app and wanted to try it out to see if it would help so I put it on DeepSleep n it totally worked I recomend this app to anyone!


This app made me want to go to sleep. And I've got insomnia. So yeah. Buy it


I was havin a rele late night and I decided to buy this app to see if the deep sleep would work and before I knew it I was fast asleep I strongly reckomemd just don't foreget to use head phones!


This app really works! It Is deffinately worth one dollar. Only suggestion is more mood tuners!

Headphones ARE...

required for 100% effective use; you can't hear the binaural beats without them. It is a good app and I like the variety of choices. Maybe an update can include intensity of volume where headphones are a choice and not requirement, like Sleepstream app.


This app is like... Ahmazingg! get it (;

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